Sunday, 31 August 2014


Hey loves! At this point I feel a bit sad and disappointed, not because summer is over, but because it feels like we just skipped it. No swimming and tanning by the lake, no summer nights that spontaneously turns in to mornings, very little coffee breaks on the sun.. Feels like weather screw up this one for us. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad, but it just wasn't summer. Right now I have my mind set on fall, and who knows maybe this was just a break to prepare for an awesome fall?
How was your summer?



This week I've been a bit off of my posting schedule, since my exam started again(High time to pass them all!). My favorite part of studying is study snack, probably the only thing that motivates me haha. From all the three above, my favorite is the last one: Apple slices with peanut butter and goji berries, I almost tricked myself into thinking they are donuts;) What are your favorite study snacks?